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Welcome to the publishing project of Una Storia ItaliAnna

These small books are dedicated to all students of Italian. Each book is dedicated to a journey really done in different regions of Italy. All the information and photographs are real and the places are really open to all of you. 

These books are not a travel guide but real travel stories. You will find descriptions of places, food, landscapes and emotions for Italian-speaking B1 students. 

With these books you can practice reading and listening.

What I can do for you...

Online Italian Classes

Why study Italian with me? I will give you 5 good reasons... go ahead and read!

Podcasts to learn Italian

LanguaTalk Italian: Una Storia ItaliAnna | Italian Podcast for intermediate learners. 

YouTube Videos

Come with me and visit Italy through my videos. Discover Italian culture.


Learn by reading with my ebooks available on Amazon. Come with me and explore italy through the texts.

Tours in Venice with me

Want to meet me in Venice and have a nice tour while speaking some Italian? I'll show you city with a nice chat in Italian! 

Language Coaching

Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated because you don't feel safe when speaking a language? Let's have a chat!

I am Anna and I am a certified professional Italian teacher of Italian language and culture online, a digital entrapreneur, a podcaster, a youtuber and writer.

I dedicate all my time to teaching at all levels and my passion is to communicate, in every form and way. I live in Venice with my family, I was born in Venice and I have always worked and studied in Venice =) I mean, I'm 100% Venetian.

I love foreign languages, that's the reason why I have dedicated my life to the English-speaking world and I graduated in English language and literature at the University in Venice. I lived in England, London and Liverpool, for some time and when I came back I started working as a freelance translator and interpreter for the Court.

Anna Maria Favaro


Over the past 10 years, teaching has taken over and it has become my fulltime job. Six years ago, my career changed course. I started to receive requests for teaching Italian online and I decided to try. I discovered a new and very fascinating world that is that of my native language. I decided, after years of practice and "let's see how it goes", to get the title of Master ITALS I level and CEDILS certification at the University.

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