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The Secret Alleys of Northern Venice


Venice is one of the most iconic and fascinating cities in the world and it is visited by more than 20 million people every year. Yet if you know where to look, you can discover some lesser known places that are well worth visiting. Here is the unmissable Venice hidden gems itinerary with me to inspire your wanderlust and to try and speak Italian during our walk!
Let's see the details of our tour:

Tour Details:

Meeting point: Entrance of the Jewish Ghetto
1st stop: The Ghetto Novo Square [Campo Ghetto Novo]
2nd stop: S. Alvise Square [Campo S. Alvise]
3rd stop: Tintoretto's House [Casa del Tintoretto]
4th stop: Madonna dell'Orto Church [Chiesa della Madonna dell'Orto]
5th stop: Coffee time! Torrefazione Cannaregio

Total duration of the tour: 2 hours
Tour cost:
30€ per person
Adults only - coffee included in the tour

This is an Italian class, no tourist info will be provided

Available on Saturdays


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