"Learning a language is like growing a plant... you have to take care of it"

My name is Anna

I am Anna and I am a professional Italian teacher to foreigners online, a digital entrapreneur, a podcaster.

I dedicate all my time to teaching at all levels and my passion is to communicate, in every form and way.  I live in Venice with my family, I was born in Venice and I have always worked and studied in Venice =) I mean, I’m 100% Venetian.


I love foreign languages in fact I dedicated my life to the English-speaking world and I graduated in English language and literature at the University in Venice. I lived in England, London, for some time and when I came back I started working as a freelance translator and interpreter.


Over the past 10 years, teaching has taken over and it has become my fulltime job. Five years ago, my career changed course. I started to receive requests for teaching Italian always online and I decided to try. I discovered a new and very fascinating world that is that of my native language. I decided, after years of practice and "let’s see how it goes", to take the title of Master ITALS I level and CEDILS certification at the University.


“I really want to improve my Italian”

“I feel like I express myself like a five-year old”.

A language coach is an expert language learner who works with people 1-on-1 to help them solve their own “language problems.” 

With a language coach, you will:

- Improve Your Mindset
- Learn How to Learn
- Make Language Learning Part of Your Lifestyle
- Focus on What Matters Most (Unsure What that Is? That’s Where Your Language Coach Comes In)
- Use Your Interests to Guide Your Learning
- Practice a Variety of Techniques and Methods
- Tackle Language From 4 Different Angles
- Build Sustainable Motivation
- Beat Procrastination
- Track Your Progress

But it is not just your linguistic skills. 

It is your mindset.

Your will to learn.

Your approach to languages, and ultimately, to life.

And that’s the goal of a language coach.

To train—through language learning and using our ability—to be the best version of ourselves, every day.

Coaching and Tutoring with Anna
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