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I really want to improve my Italian”

“I feel like I express myself like a five-year old”.

A language coach is an expert language learner who
works with people 1-on-1 to help them solve their own “language problems.” 

With a language coach, you will:

- Improve Your Mindset
- Learn How to Learn
- Make Language Learning Part of Your Lifestyle
- Focus on What Matters Most (Unsure What that Is? That’s Where Your Language Coach Comes In)
- Use Your Interests to Guide Your Learning
- Practice a Variety of Techniques and Methods
- Tackle Language From 4 Different Angles
- Build Sustainable Motivation
- Beat Procrastination
- Track Your Progress

But it is not just your linguistic skills. 

It is your mindset.

Your will to learn.

Your approach to languages, and ultimately, to life.

And that’s the goal of a language coach.

To train—through language learning and using our ability—to be the best version of ourselves, every day.

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