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Why study Italian with me?

I will give you 5 good reasons...

1. Go On The Journey Of A Lifetime…To Italy 

Travelling to Italy is the #1 reason people choose to learn Italian. From the hills of Tuscany, to the canals of Venice, to the beaches of Cinque Terre, my country is full of gorgeous landscapes.

2. Connect With Italians And Make Friends

If you’re passionate about friendships and want to be able to meet more people, learning Italian might be the perfect fit for you.

3. World-Famous Italian Dishes 

Italy is famous around the world for having the best cuisines of any country. Pizza and pasta both originated in Italy. 

It's a country known for its excellent wine and coffee tradition. It’s no surprise that many foodies decide to learn Italian. Some of them want to learn to prepare pizza dough. Others just want to better understand the etymology behind their favourite dishes.

4. Italian: A Must-Learn For Art Lovers 

Italian is the best language for art-lovers to learn. It's invaluable in the modern art world and can also help you in studying art history. If you learn Italian, you can understand the titles of great paintings as you make your way through museums.

5. Why Italian Is The Most Stylish Language

If you’re interested in working in the fashion industry or you're passionate about style, Milan is the place for you. Did you know that many people consider it the fashion capital of the world? You'll find many fashion houses there, as well as classics like Armani, Versace and Valentino.

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