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What is Una Storia ItaliAnna project?

The podcast has become a key reference for many foreign language students around the world. The need to create a podcast from scratch arose from my personal teaching experience, I noticed that many podcasts created specifically for foreigners had a very low level, A1 or A2, and did not deal with everyday topics but had only a linguistic cut and were recorded to give explanations exclusively on grammar topics. 

The proposal of a cultural podcast, updated weekly, made light by episodes of real life, spontaneous comments and a bit of storytelling, stories of real experiences and also moments of linguistic reflection, It was well received by students' audiences first and then by audiences around the world after, so much so that it reached over 7000 channel ratings in a month.

Una Storia ItaliAnna was born in March 2020 during the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, also with the desire to give an extra tool to students that went beyond the usual Italian lesson an hour a week and, at a time of imprisonment of all, could make everyone feel a little closer to Italy who had had to cancel trips and holidays in our country and who did not know when they could return.

At the beginning of this adventure, the podcasts proposed were very personal, mainly about me, the presenter of the program, tastes, habits and occupation or the most interesting points for people who were slowly discovering the new channel.

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