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Una Storia ItaliAnna was born in March 2020, during the first lockdown in Italy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This podcast project was designed to give an extra tool to my students to improve their understanding of today’s Italian language, as it really is, as it is spoken in the family.
I started almost as a game to publish podcasts every week and slowly this idea took more and more shape until it became a real part of my work. I like to think that these short recordings that speak about Italian language and culture can help students from all over the world to have a contact with Italy even if thousands of miles away.
Today this project goes on and has grown so much thanks to all of you, to your listening and to your participation on social media. That’s why I decided to invest more time and more energy in creating unique material for Patreon in the hope that it will give you all that boost that every student needs to stay motivated and continue in the long run towards the desired result.
Una Storia ItaliAnna also on social media and on the website! You will find a blog with my free articles every week!

Extras & Bonuses Every week on Patreon

  • Extra podcast + transcript + exercises (if it is about grammar)

  • 1 Chat Telegram to practice Italian all the time!

  • The BLOG POST of the week

  • The PLACE of the week

  • The DISH of the week

  • The SONG of the week

  • The FAIRY TALE of the week

  • The WORK OF ART of the week